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‘Birds are Brilliant’ Schools Program

The Vancouver Avian Research Centre (VARC) is a Registered Canadian Charity dedicated to wild bird research, conservation and education. It conducts year round bird monitoring and banding and provides public outreach to raise awareness of environmental issues particularly as they relate to breeding and migratory birds.

In support of VARC’s mandate to educate youth, VARC has developed an Avian Environmental Education program for schools which provides an engaging educational experience, fostering awareness and appreciation of birds and the environment.

Program description

Depending on the group involved, VARC offers several parts to its program:

1) Site visits to its banding station (all ages)

2) Structured ecology and conservation program (12+ age groups)

3) Presentations to teachers, youth leaders and parent groups*

4) Information on creating Bird Friendly Campuses and Gardens

5) Information on what children can do to help birds and the environment

The program includes a field trip to VARC’s Colony Farm  Banding Station where students are introduced  to the research techniques required for monitoring migratory birds and the population ecology and ecosystem dynamics of wild bird populations, in an age specific way. Students will learn about bird migration; the various habitats and communities they depend on during both spring and fall migration and the breeding season; and the conservation actions required to protect these habitats to ensure the long term survival of bird species.

"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the bird banding at Colony Farm. It was so well organized with the crafts to keep the children occupied when there were no birds. The bird banding itself was awesome. To be able to see birds so close and to witness the naturalists working with the birds was inspiring. To be able to actually be part of the process by being able to help release the birds was wonderful. I really appreciated how everyone treated the children as capable individuals."

Tricia Edgar - Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

*VARC is a volunteer organization and does not currently have the resources to provide ‘in-school’ support but offers tools and information to assist teachers.

Program Information Material:

For more information on any of VARC's visitor programs or to schedule a visit, please visit our Visitor page.

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