Anna’s Hummingbird bathing!

Anna’s Hummingbird using one of the  stone gurglers in our garden to bathe. Must be like standing under Niagara Falls!

Bathing Birds

These recently fledged Townsend’s Warblers and Warbling Vireos were clearly unsure of water as a medium for bathing. Unlike adults that come in to the water and bathe for sustained periods, these birds would only flit in and out touching the surface of the water briefly before leaving!

Spotted Towhee

The Spotted Towhee can be difficult to see scratching around in the leaf litter, so your best chance for an unobstructed view of this handsome sparrow is at this time of the year, when males sing their buzzy songs from the tops of low trees and shrubs.

Vancouver International Bird Festival!

The VIBF is going BIG on BIRDS and VARC is a key partner! What? A celebration of NATURE through BIRDS! How? Vancouver is combining its long-standing Bird Week celebration with the most prestigious bird congress in the world to bring an exciting new International Bird Festival to Vancouver!Who?  Over 60 exhibitors, top nature artists, dozens of acclaimed speakers and presentations …