Banding Volunteer – General Introduction!
High standards for volunteer training and ethical treatment of birds that set VARC apart. Meeting and spending time with awesome like-minded people and contributing to avian conservation!

Shae Turner

Training new volunteers to extract birds from mist nets and process birds (banding, ageing/sexing and taking biometric measurements) is something we love to do at VARC as it is not only fun, but can also be a useful tool for field work and for people seeking careers in the environmental sector.

However, it is a lengthy process and requires considerable time and effort and one-on-one training from VARC personnel and volunteers to ensure the safety and welfare of the birds we work with. For this reason we limit the number of new people we can train each year, and only do that, for people prepared to make a commitment to regular and long-term volunteering (see attached Volunteer Agreement).

If you are interested in making this commitment, please complete the Application Form and submit it to:

For more information on becoming a banding volunteer please visit our Banding Volunteer page. 

If you would like to join us as a volunteer but not necessarily a trainee bander (for duties other than banding) please review the volunteer options available and let us know which area of volunteering you are interested in.

Thank you for your interest in VARC and we look forward to hearing from you!