Our NEW Bird Identification Workshop has been developed for birders who wish to take their bird knowledge and identification skills to the next level!

World class! 10! Exhausting in a good way – I’m full and will be ruminating on this for a long time!

Ruth Foster - Burke Mountain Naturalists


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VARC Classic Bird ID Workshop

This amazing workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate birders who may wish to participate in citizen science programs like the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) or who just want to take their bird knowledge and identification skills to the next level. Although developed for beginner and intermediate birders the ornithological aspects of the course and ongoing field trips are also highly beneficial for even the most experienced birders or for birders traveling overseas.

This comprehensive course is structured over 2 days and consists of nine classroom sessions and one guided field sessions. Participants have the option to purchase an extended guided field trips package of four additional field sessions to be held on four subsequent weekends at birding hot spots in the lower mainland. The classroom sessions cover many aspects of avian evolution, adaptation, morphology, taxonomy, identification, migration, and behaviour making it ideal for beginner and expert alike. The field trips will be led by locally recognized bird ID experts, who will help participants build on the skills they have learned during the initial weekend course. Identification of the more challenging groups such as shorebirds, raptors and gulls will also be tackled but, most of all, the workshop is designed to be a fun and interesting experience and a way to take your birding skills to the next level.

Highlights of Workshop

  • Your own bird identification manual with lessons
  • Comprehensive coverage of groups, topography, field marks, song, habitat, molt, ageing and more!
  • Guided field sessions to the Colony Farm banding station

Bird ID Workshop Pricing:

$250 per person

$200 if you are a student

$100 for 4 additional field trips (if offered – please contact us before purchasing this package.)

Price includes:

  • Classroom sessions:
  • Saturday morning/afternoon and Sunday afternoon.
  • Field session Sunday morning.
  • Course materials and information binder.
  • Tea, coffee and snacks
  • Please bring your own lunches.

Payment can be made through the links on the page or by cheque payable to:

4115 Braemar Road East
North Vancouver BC
V7K 3C9

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Adult Rate ($250)

Student Rate ($200)

4 Field Trips Extension ($100)