Grounds-keeping in the Great Outdoors!
It was so much fun – everyone was wonderful and it really felt like a family!
Hailey Flikkema

Our Colony Farm research station is located in a Metro Vancouver Parks reserve at ƛ̓éxətəm (tla-hut-um) Regional Park (Formerly known as Colony Farm Regional Park). Because of this, there is always a plethora of maintenance and grounds keeping that needs to be attended to in order for us to safely and easily conduct our research.

There are three main positions available; coordinating the maintenance work; clearing and maintaining the banding site; and general handyman work on our equipment and banding station. Please see the PDF’s below for more detail of each role. We provide all equipment and training necessary and it’s a wonderful way to stay active and give back!

If you are interested, we always suggest people come out for an initial visit to meet the team and discuss volunteering in more detail. We do ask people to commit to regular days so they can be added to the schedule and we normally ask for a minimum commitment of at least 1 visit to the station per week to stay on top of the work.

Highlights of Volunteering

  • Being in a beautiful nature reserve and ability to be up close and personal with some incredible birds and wildlife
  • Making friends with other volunteers from all backgrounds, expertise and walks of life
  • Making a difference for the betterment of bird protection and prosperity

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