A special day the whole family is sure to remember!

“My kids come away from the Open House inspired and very, very enthusiastic about birds and bird conservation. They spent that afternoon playing “banding station” with their Audubon bird stuffies. I heard them more than once shout, “Its a re-trap!”. They are both asking when they can go back. What could be better than that?!”
Krista De Groot - Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS)

To accommodate the increasing number of people who wish to visit the banding station, VARC has developed an Open House Event to provide an engaging and interactive educational experience, fostering awareness and appreciation of birds and the environment.

The program is a structured morning field trip to VARC’s Colony Farm Banding Station where participants are introduced to the research techniques required for monitoring migratory birds and the population ecology and ecosystem dynamics of wild bird populations, in an age specific way. Participants will learn about bird migration; the various habitats and communities they depend on during both spring and fall migration and the breeding season; and the conservation actions required to protect these habitats to ensure the long-term survival of bird species.

Please note: In order for us to ensure the safety and welfare of birds the number of people attending Open Houses must be controlled and only people who are registered can be allowed to attend.

Highlights of Visit

  • Learning about birds and the environment
  • Inspires new appreciation and understanding of local wildlife
  • Hold and release opportunities of species under supervision


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NEXT VARC OPEN HOUSE –  SATURDAY AUG. 21, 2021 (Backup Sunday Aug. 22 in case of rain on Saturday!)
Sorry, The August 21st Open House is now FULL!


VARC is a registered charity and is run by volunteers but our programs, equipment and supplies require that we raise money every year.

We, therefore, ask our visitors to help with these costs. We request $10 per person.

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