Purchasing For The Planet!

Each of us has the power to make good purchasing decisions that are smart for the planet.

Whether you are cutting back on plastic, buying shade-grown coffee, or looking to buy local, all of it makes a positive difference! 

Here are a few companies that make buying for birds, nature and the environment easy!


Bird Friendly® shade-grown coffees have positive environmental and social impacts. Coffees are purchased from growers who protect forest habitat on their farms and are certified Organic and certified Bird Friendly® (Shade Grown), and most are certified Fair Trade. They are all purchased at fair trade prices plus an additional Bird Friendly premium. The most meaningful way to support these growers is to buy their excellent-tasting coffee!

Bird Friendly® shade-grown coffee is available in Canada from Wild Birds Unlimited stores in Vancouver and North Vancouver, from Birds and Beans either in shop or by parcel post where they support growers who defend forest habitat in Latin America, and from all of these suppliers in Metro Vancouver

Please click on this link for an excellent presentation by Krista DeGroot and Ana González on how we can help migratory birds while we drink our coffee.


Feather Friendly® window markers are an easy-to-use solution for preventing bird collisions with residential glass surfaces. Compared to film coverings, Feather Friendly® window markers are highly effective in making the area visible to birds and preventing deadly collisions while remaining unobtrusive to humans.

The markers are placed on the outside of the window and are designed to break up surface reflections without damaging the glass. Feather Friendly® is endorsed by many bird conservation organizations, including Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) and the American Bird Conservancy.

Please visit our dedicated window strikes webpage for more information on window strikes and what you can do to prevent one of the top sources of human-caused bird mortality.


Canadian woman-run business, Nature Bee, aims to provide a simple, natural and beautiful alternative to plastic wrap while encouraging others to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics.


Founded in 2018 in Canada, Uppwell is a small, woman-owned business focusing on beautiful and sustainable products for the home. Uppwell plants a tree with every purchase, and they donate 1% of revenue to charity. 

All packaging is 100% recyclable with no single-use plastic. Product materials are sustainable and always packaged in gift-ready (recyclable) boxes. Thank you for supporting the Uppwell sustainable brand – together, 10,000+ trees can be planted annually!


The phone industry has a HUGE problem. So many companies use cheap, polluting plastics for their phone cases. Pela decided that you and our planet deserve better, so they created the World’s first compostable phone case!

Pela also sells compostable sunglasses, watch straps, and AirPod cases.