New VIRTUAL Shorebird ID Workshop!

Our NEW Shorebird Identification Workshop has been developed for birders who wish to take their bird knowledge and identification skills to the next level!

“People get overwhelmed with shorebirds because they are difficult. They basically all look alike, they often stay a good distance away, and they often come in big groups. But they are my favorite group of birds to study – I love them and you will too when you understand how to identify them!”
Derek Matthews - VARC Chair


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VARC is pleased to announce that we will host a VIRTUAL SDHOREBIRD IDENTIFICATION WORKSHOP in November 2024!

Shorebirds are a fascinating group of birds that are adapted to life on the shorelines of oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. They are known for their remarkable migration journeys, stunning plumage, and unique behaviors. Their ability to endure long migrations and thrive in diverse environments makes them a remarkable group of birds to observe and appreciate.

But, they are a challenging group of birds, and this workshop has been developed to help you to learn, identify and appreciate the shorebirds of BC and the Pacific northwest.

Join Derek Matthews and VARC for this 4-week workshop running each Thursday evening during November from 6.15pm-8.30pm.

We will teach you techniques you can use wherever you watch shorebirds that will allow you to identify shorebirds anywhere in the world. Our focus will be on these 38 species that you are likely to encounter in BC and we will cover these in detail so you will be confident of identifying these species!

This comprehensive course is structured: Via 4 Zoom Sessions over 4 weeks:

To register, please click on the link to our Events Calendar below. 

We look forward to seeing you – you’ll have fun and learn a lot!

$199 per person

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Shorebird Identification Workshop

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