Virtual Bird Identification Workshop Testimonials

It was an excellent workshop. I am a beginning birder and learned such a lot. I am excited to go out now and put all that knowledge into action. I also found the information about migration extremely interesting. It was very well presented. I loved the follow up and the review sheets, the promptness of it and the wonderful photos. Altogether an eye opener and a A++ course. Thank you so very much!
Verena Bryner - Naturalists B.C.

I thought the content was wonderfully presented. I loved how we built upon what we learned each week. Although we covered a lot of material in a short time, I felt re-assured by the presenters and took so much away from it! I have been watching birds for years and I was amazed at how much there still was to learn. It was fun and super engaging and I am sad it is over.

Sheri E

Amazing. Although I have years of birding experience in UK I am learning our birds now settled in Canada. There was so much I did not know especially  re bird anatomy. By the end of the course I was repeating this easily when describing birds. I found the constant repetition of info helped to get it into my brain and the tests and reviews consolidated the information. Perhaps a beginner may have found the pace a little fast . However you sent us the recordings and all those fantastic photos of birds especially re Molts and juvenal plumage. It was easier for me to read all the sessions and take notes prior to the actual lesson. Then I could watch and enjoy the sessions and just add a few notes.

Thank you so much for all the time you put into these sessions and the chance for field trips after the course. You are really fantastic teachers and pack so much into the sessions. I am learning so much!

Steve – Vancouver BC

Loved it. Greatly appreciate all the work and effort that has gone  into putting it all together. Really appreciated the additional session.  It was helpful that it was a separate session and came a little later. It helped pull it all together for me.

Val G

I am a beginner birder. This workshop gave me very good tools to better identify birds (what to pay attention to, etc.). I’ve already started to use those tools when I’m out birding!

The workshop was also very fun!

Amelie M

As someone who has been interested in birds for years but never taken a course, it was exactly what I needed! Thank you Carol and Derek!

Sue K

I loved this.  It was a lot to absorb at a quick pace, but the homework helped solidify things.  And the follow up links always provided all the info in case I missed something.  I am already enjoying the rewards on my daily dog walks.

Simone N

Very enjoyable and informative. Well run zoom session and organized course materials via email. Reviews and exercises were very useful. Carol and Derek really demonstrated an infectious love of birds.

Charmaine C

Very well organized. I liked the review and the exercises within the online class.

Sally H

Last night’s lesson with the bird song was fantastic.  It is something I really need to work at and you and Derek have given me the building blocks. Great course! I learned many new skills to improve my birding and each week I looked forward to Tuesday nights.

Carol T

I am a beginner birder and I feel like I learned a lot! I have been able to go out for walks and now know how to start to identify the birds I see.

Lise O

The course was very enjoyable and I learned a lot. It did move at a fast pace but the materials provided made it easy to review in between sessions so that was fine as it enabled us to cover a lot of material. Also, I really appreciate all the materials and resources included as they will be very useful as references going forward.

Anona T

I now feel quite comfortable identifying birds in general. Example, I looked outside my balcony door last night, saw what looked like an outline of a swallow, with my binoculars I checked my guidebooks, realized I saw Violet-Green Swallow, which i have added to my life list started in 2017.

Rudolf T

Really appreciated Derek’s presentations and manner of presenting, and Carol’s organization and contributions. Terrific.


I found that the course covered material useful and applicable to bird watchers of all experience levels. The pace was just right; I appreciated when you paused to let us do our own work, whether it was looking in our guide books, labelling the anatomical parts of a wing, or identifying bird songs. The homework and quizzes really solidified that learning as well. Thank you for an engaging class!

Sarah T

As a beginner bird watcher, this course was extremely educational. I gained a lot of knowledge about birds, habitat, morphology and bird songs that have helped me appreciate birds as I am out walking. I feel like the 4 week sessions were quite intense; especially the first 2 weeks. It would have been better for me if the course was spread out over 6 weeks and have the zoom calls be shorter. I greatly appreciated having the recordings to review afterwards. I reviewed the bird song recording multiple times and found I could discern the birdcalls finally after much listening practice. I am currently stuck at home not able to work due to illness and this course has been something nice to look forward to. Thank you for putting together such a nice program.

Mari M

The bird identification course was very helpful! Rather than covering every single bird, the course equipped me with the skills needed to develop independently as a birder. Very helpful and applicable to the field!


I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this course and how much I am learning. I was especially delighted with the bird songs last night and also with all the amazing information at the end of the session with all the incredible bird migration facts. I could hardly keep up with taking notes, so I appreciate having the recordings to go back to.

Thank you so much for doing this. I am so much looking forward to the bird walks with the Nanaimo group again and learning from the experienced birders. In the meantime, I’m watching the birds in my garden oasis and on my walks in the Comox Valley.

 Verena B

Thank you, Carol and Derek.  The pace was perfect today! Thank you for offering an additional session and possible birding walks.  I’ve learned so much interesting information.  Can’t wait till next week!


 Thank you, Derek & Carol – I LOVE this class!


I would like to thank you and Derek for running this course as I love it and it will be so useful to have an approach to bird ID. 

Janet H