Long Term Action

We need stronger laws and regulations in our cities to take preventative and retroactive measures to avoid the harm caused by glass in structures. All of us are in a position to influence our local governments and businesses into action. Below are only three examples of change we can initiate!

Becoming a bird-friendly city!

Nature Canada is working with local partners like VARC to create bird friendly cities across Canada.

Nature groups, municipal officials, and  community groups are teaming up with Nature Canada to ensure our urban environments are safe havens for birds. From predation by domestic cats, to window and car collisions, cities and towns present many preventable hazards to birds.

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Join A Community Movement!

Check out community-led action movements like Bird Safe Buildings Across Canada, which aim to encourage older buildings known as dangerously high bird-window collision hotspots to install life-saving treatments.

Join them on their current campaign or get in touch with them to find collision hotspots in your city and start your own campaign!

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Please write to your City Councilor!

One of the easiest and most important things that each of us can do is to be politically engaged and write to our City Councilor asking for stronger, more robust laws that protect our environment.

Bird-friendly building ordinances, guidelines and standards are enacted at the municipal level – therefore it is most effective to contact your City Councilor. 

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VARC’s Involvement

VARC is involved in many initiatives to help prevent window-strikes. Learn more about how we are encouraging change!

VARC Window Safe Initiative

VARC is so committed to seeing homes become window safe that we offer to pay for those facing financial barriers and install the product for those with physical barriers.

Please reach out to us at to learn more or to apply for assistance.

And check out our VARC contests page where you can enter to win a free DIY window home kit from Feather Friendly and other cool VARC gear!

Vancouver Bird Advisory Council

VARC is a member of the Vancouver Bird Advisory Council

The VBAC is a collaborative partnership of non-profits and other institutions, in partnership with City of Vancouver and Vancouver Park Board – who assist cities, municipalities and organizations in Greater Vancouver to become bird friendly.

The VBAC is working hard with the City of Vancouver to create the Vancouver Bird Strategy to create the conditions for native birds to thrive in the city and across the region.

Vancouver Bird Week

Bird Week is a week-long series of events to celebrate Greater Vancouver’s birds. It was inspired by World Migratory Bird Day, a United Nations-sponsored initiative that recognizes the importance of birds as key indicators of our environment’s health.

During Bird Week, there will be bird-related workshops, walks, talks, exhibitions, and lectures across the Lower Mainland. VARC will be involved hosting events – check out our Fb page for more information!