Workshop Schedule

1.00 pm


Classroom: Welcome!

Session 1: Course overview and schedule for the weekend.
Session 2: An Introduction to the Vancouver Avian Research Center’s Bird Monitoring and Banding Program.
Session 3: Banding station management.
Written protocols, staff and volunteer management, operational management and procedures, data management and procedures, visitor and public outreach and education management, code of ethics.

Session review & answers.

Break (Introductions)

Session 4: Bird topography, anatomy and physiology – including exercises.
Session review & answers.
Bird Monitoring – Species identification – Topography photo review session.
Session 5: An introduction to ageing, sexing, and molt and plumage terminology.

6.30 pm End of day 1


Dawn – Mid-morning


Colony Farm Banding Station:

Banding station orientation, an introduction to mist nets and general mist-netting procedures. including opening and closing nets. Learning to safely handle birds and bird safety procedures.

 Classroom (11.30 am approx.) – Molt refresher

Session 5: continued

Session review and answers


Session 6: Ageing North American landbirds by molt limits and plumage criteria – including exercises

4.00 pm Session review and answers


Dawn – Mid-morning


Colony Farm Banding Station:

Field session, mist-net extraction (demonstration) and bird handling techniques, banding, ageing and sexing live birds, taking bio-metric measurements & data recording.

Classroom (11:30 am approx) Molt and ageing refresher and review

12:00 pm Study and lunch

1:00 pm Putting your knowledge to the test followed by review and course certificate presentation

2:30 pm Session 7: Birds and the environment – final session and wrap-up

4:00 pm Close

Session times will vary and all times are approximate – Our aim is to finish no later than 6.30 pm on Friday and 4.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.